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Home is place where we can expose who we really are.  We are the most comfortable in our homes, and no matter how beautiful the rest of the world is, even to  a vagrant, home will still remain the most beautiful place on earth. All the beauties of the dusky sunset and the dark green lustre of  dense canopies , and the endlessness of the ocean cannot combine the sense of comfort and beauty one finds in their own home, being the birthing ground for our inner angels and demons. Everything else is foreign, and peace is truly found within the walls of our own home.

luxury hotels in sharjah

With what the world has to offer, sometimes the soul feels restless being cocooned in our own home, and desires to see what is out there. Amongst the most beautiful places on earth, Dubai brings out a mixture of culture and extravagance, with a dollop of middle eastern tradition. It is a rare mixture, and it has the power to stun any mortal that visits the land of Dubai.

In the heart of Dubai, the country of seas and the tallest building if the world, there is an establishment that you can call home. Yes, home doesn’t always need to be too far away, and Dubai offers luxurious treatment and unimaginable hospitality in its new hotel, Al Bait Sharjah, where every person who longs for his home during his travels, can finally find it.

This luxurious hotel in Sharjah offers immense hospitality with serene views, under the cloak of The Islamic traditions. It offers both traditional and international cuisines for its guests , made according to your preferences ,relaxing spas and  breath- taking ambience . Its homely presence will make you feel right at home, where you can rock your inner turmoils back to sleep.


if you have a heart for travelling ,The United Arab Emirates has more to offer than you can probably fathom. And in this luxury hotels in sharjah, you can find the comfort of your home and the satisfaction in your vagrant heart at the very same time.

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