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Should you have a Butterfly Table Tennis Rubber?

Butterfly table tennis is particularly popular among all levels of players, including world-class players. In all subsequent Championships, more than half of those polled utilised Butterfly blades. Butterfly manufactures premium rubber for all kinds of play, such as combative, all-around, and attack. Butterfly makes it much simpler by providing critical achievement details such as response and excitations values and optimal playing technique that suits the blade. There are numerous different kinds of table tennis rubbers, there is no such thing as the “best” table tennis rubber. Choosing the best butterfly table tennis rubber for your racket could be difficult.

butterfly table tennis rubber

How good are they?

Even though premade bats are generally less expensive, their value is considerably lesser and no larger than that of other considerably less expensive brands. Butterfly bats, on the other hand, are some of the best available, which is what the Butterfly is known for.

What is the function of the table tennis rubber?

When you hit the ball, the rubber has an impact on its speed. It can acquire and decrease the speed of the ball, decelerating your opponent’s attacks, or it can assist you in being on the offensive by adding more authority to the ball. The lengthier the contact period with the ball, the longer the contact duration with the rubber, allowing you to create multiple kinds of spin. In summary, the rubber you used could affect how the ball reacts after you strike it.


It can influence your overall method, approach, and playing style. The finest table tennis rubber for your playing style, ability, and personal preferences. However, knowing all of the best rubbers will assist you in making an informed decision.

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